Post Your Answer to Miss C’s challenge question…

January 30, 2007

What is the name of a baby swan?

If you read your emails then you would be posting your researched response here

BABY ANIMALS NAMES – Collective names, baby animal names




  1. A baby swan is called a cob.

  2. I love this website the best!


  3. This is a picture of a baby swan.

  4. I like the koala baby picture the best. I think I’d like to go to Australia because they have cool animals.

  5. A cygnet

  6. a male is a cob, a female is a pen, a baby swan is called cygnet, a group of swan is a flock

  7. Wow,
    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the baby animal websites. You really did research to find the answer to the baby swan riddle!

    Peace Out,
    Miss Roche

  8. i love this picture i put it as my backround were did u get it from ROCKON!!!!!!!!!

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