I need a name!

February 27, 2007


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  1. Barney
    I think he looks like a Barney

    Ms. Broderick

  2. Illing Alien

    by Jeff R. from demeo

  3. Larry the Lemur
    By Jessica D. in Dimeo

  4. Fendi
    by Justin From Dimeo

  5. Anador
    by Jessica B. From Dimeo

  6. Little Q
    By Tyreek in Dimeo

  7. Nick
    by Andrew in Dimeo

  8. Baba
    By Melissa, Ms. Roche’s daughter


  9. lemur from Madagascar located off the southest corner of Africa….Ms. Roches’ mommy

  10. I meant to say LeeMo mom

  11. i love this

  12. this pet look nice what do they eat

  13. do they bit

  14. Ana Maria asked three really good research questions.
    1. What kind of animal is this?
    2. What do they eat?
    3. Do they bite?

    Does anyone have the answers to these questions? When you find the answers please post on this thread.

  15. Chimpmunk

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