Class X05 Recognizes No Bullying No Name Calling Week

January 30, 2017


It’s My Life…. PBS Kids

Stop Bullying Now!!!



  1. My name is Nathanael. The reason is why we cannot bully or name calling is they are bad things to do.
    No saying bad words
    Be the bigger person.
    Treat the way they want to be treated
    Break the cycle – End it
    Ignore bad people and walk away from bad people
    Teasing hurts feelings
    No name calling
    No stealing
    “Take the high road.”
    Angry outbursts hurts feelings
    Manage yourself

    That’s all.

  2. My name is Billy. I like the no bullying sign.
    I also like your website very much. And I love the way it looks.

    P.S. Why don’t you visit my site at home?

  3. My name is Oche. I don’t want to be bullying because bullying is not the right thing to do. Name calling is like a a bully name like Fudgehead, A Busmash, or Hippydip. And Entarted, and cursing. And don’t fight, or kick, or punch, or slam, or wedgie.

  4. My name is Tony. I don’t curse, I be good, I listen to my teacher, I never hurt people, I never kick, I never punch, I never slam, I never push, I do what I’m told to do. I always earn 50’s everyday. I earn 49 sometimes. I’m good at social studies, science, math, ELA, Reading, Writing, Reader’s workshop, And I’m good at Multiplication, Division, Subtraction, And I’m good at adding too. Most of the times I do tests.

  5. My name is Andrew. Don’t be mean to people. And be the nicest. Be good to to your teacher and your parents. Be a nice student. Don’t bully, No name calling, No punching and no pushing. Ignore the bad people. I like math. Take the high road. Be good at school. We go to school to study and learn.

  6. My name is Justine. No cursing, No fighting, No punching, No pushing, And no kicking. Be nice to your friends. Don’t be frustrated to strangers. Don’t be bad.

  7. My name is Jared. Manage yourself. It’s a very mean way to act. Break the vicious cycle. Don’t listen to the evil noise.

  8. I’ve made a movie here:

    • I LOVE it!!!!!

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