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Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poetry

April 28, 2017

Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poetry for Kids

Attack of the Vegetables

Clouted by sprouts,

And harassed by carrots!
Poked by the beans,
And screamed at by salad!

Poisoned by cabbage,
And pinched by the peas!
Tripped by the spinach,
And peppered with seeds!

Hair pulled by parsnip,
And bruised by tomato!
Glared at by swede,
And thumped by potato!

Battered by beetroot,
That pinch, punch and poke!
Slapped by the onions,
And Arti, who chokes!

©2003 Gareth Lancaster


Kids Poetry Corner

April 28, 2017

Ken Nesbitt’s Poetry Site

My Foot Fell Asleep

From the book My Hippo Has the Hiccups

My foot fell asleep
right inside of my shoe
from sitting around
having nothing to do.
It hadn’t drank warm milk
nor tried to count sheep;
it just wasn’t busy,
and fell right asleep.

You see, in my shoe
it gets lonely and boring,
which made my foot sleepy,
and soon it was snoring.
My foot snored so loudly
my shoe began flapping.
But it didn’t notice —
it kept right on napping!

It slept through the morning
and most of the day,
despite that my other foot
wanted to play.
It took a siesta.
It slumbered inert.
It nodded through dinner.
It dozed through dessert.

Now I’m in my bed
and I’ve been up all night.
I’m trying to sleep,
although try as I might,
my foot slept all day
(what a foolish mistake!)
now I can’t fall asleep
’cause my foot’s wide awake!

–Kenn Nesbitt


Today: Macchu Picchu and the Incas

April 27, 2017

Today we read about builders in the skies.  The Incas live in South America.  They live in the Andes Mountains located on the west coast of South America.  The Andes is the highest and longest mountain range.  It has a very high altitude.  The Incas were great builders, road builders and rope bridge builders.  They built thousands of miles of roads.  The had people called runners or messengers that would run along the roads carrying packages, things to trade, and communications between villages.  They had their own recording system and they used a quipus which was a rope with beads on it to keep records.  They built huge fortresses in the mountains and they made little cities within them called pucaras.  When the Spanish Conquistadors came they took over and destroyed the much of the Inca civilazation except the Macchu Picchu which they were never able to find.

Machu Picchu, a Photo Gallery by James Q. Jacobs


Maya Angelou

April 25, 2017


  Maya Angelou – The Official Website


Great Site!

April 20, 2017

Thoughtful Learning

Social Emotional Learning


Hooda Math

April 11, 2017

Check It Out~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>  HoodaMath


April 9, 2017

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