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The Grace Foundation was created to support and advocate for families of children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. We provide a comprehensive network of family support in dealing with the many issues and challenges of living with and raising an autistic child. This support takes the form of social and recreational activities, as well as education and information resources. We take a proactive role with families, professionals and government officials in the development and advancement of educational policies and programs that deal specifically with autism/pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). It is an ongoing goal to inform and enlighten the general public and elected officials of the severity, impact and extent of autism on our society. The Grace Foundation is fully committed to working with all schools, government agencies, and research organizations to relieve, mitigate and eventually cure all developmental disabilities associated with autism.

Name: Mrs. Donna Long (Executive Director)
A little bit about me: My name is Donna Long and I am the Executive Director of the Grace Foundation. Our agency provides programs and services for children with Autism. Everyone you know is special and different in some way. The world would be a boring place if people were all the same. It is our differences that make us unique and interesting. One way to try to understand people who seem different from you is to “walk in their shoes”. It is so rewarding to help children who are less fortunate than you. We have benefited from the Common Cents Program in the past.
Address: 264 Watchogue Road Staten Island, NY 10314
Phone: 718-983-3800
Email: graceofny@aol.com
Web: graceofny.org
Best time to Contact: anytime
Preferred Contact Method: email


Community Grants:

Service Projects:

How we can help you learn more about us:

  • Make a presentation about our organization
  • Speak over the phone about our work

How we’d like to keep up the relationship with your school:

  • Attend an in-school Check Award Assembly if we receive a grant
  • Help students tell local newspapers and media about their grant and/or project with us

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