Project Hospitality

Project Hospitality


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Staten Island

Staten Island

Project Hospitality is a community-based interfaith effort sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, and caring for people with HIV/AIDS. We provide emergency, transitional, and permanent housing options for homeless families with children and individuals. We operate a soup kitchen and food pantry. We also have substance abuse, mental health, vocational, educational,and HIV/AIDs programs.

Name: Rev Will Nichols (Director of Community Outreach)
A little bit about me: My work began as a volunteer in the soup kitchen and overnight emergency shelter, but for the last eleven years this has been my full time work. I help community groups and individuals get involved as volunteers in helping their neighbors in need. I have worked with several Common Cents schools over the last five or six years. I think Common Cents is a great idea!
Address: 100 Park Avenue Staten Island, NY 10302
Phone: 718-448-1544 115
Fax: 718-720-5476
Email: winichols@projecthospitality.org
Web: www.projecthospitality.org
Best time to Contact: After 8:30 AM
Preferred Contact Method: Phone


Community Grants:
Grants in the past have gone toward recreational activities and equipment at our family shelter, educational and arts & crafts supplies, meals at our soup kitchen, food items for the food pantry, and general support.

Service Projects:
Food collections are always helpful. Sometimes the group will bring the food to the pantry and help sort the items for shelving. We do a presentation about the food pantry.
Another popular activity is hosting an event for children in the shelter. Others have made decorations for the shelter or soup kitchen.

How we can help you learn more about us:

  • Give students a tour of our office and facilities
  • Make a presentation about our organization
  • Speak over the phone about our work

How we’d like to keep up the relationship with your school:

  • Help students develop a community service project with us
  • Attend an in-school Check Award Assembly if we receive a grant
  • Help students tell local newspapers and media about their grant and/or project with us

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