Super Roundtable Meeting III

Meeting III April 16th

7th Period

Philanthropic Roundtable Meeting III
Monday April 16, 2007

Discuss the organizations that we’ve narrowed our search down to.
Habitat for Humanity
Grace Foundation
Project Hospitality

1. Notify winner or winners of the grants.

2. Plan of Action
How will we gift the money?

4. Closing of Roundtable

5. Reflection from students
Did you enjoy the Roundtable experience?
What did you learn?
How did you find working within a group?
What was your favorite part about participating in the Roundtable?

6. Art expression from students
Due on Thursday
8 by 11 paper

One comment

  1. Today is Meeting III of the Super Roundtable.

    We signed in first. We looked over our agenda. We discussed that this is one of the final meetings of the roundtable. We have chosen Habitats for Humanity, Grace Foundation, and Project Hospitality. We are going to write reflections on our experience and or draw a picture of us giving the grant to the organizations. We also talked about calling organization and THe Staten Island Advance for a press release.


    Khadijah: Note Taker
    Antonio: Note Taker

    Miss Christina
    Miss Roche

    We are going to try and meet one last time.
    All who participated will receive certificates.

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